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Meet our beneficiaries.

What began in 2007 as an initiative to partner with life-changing organizations in our communities and around the globe has grown into a movement of extraordinary generosity.

A Beacon of Hope

Operating Expenses

This gift supports A Beacon of Hope's operating expenses so they can continue to empower women and families through pregnancy diagnosis, decision support, and sexual health services by providing compassionate medical, emotional, and long-term care that specializes in hope, healing, and recovery.

Amana Academy

Academic Support Personnel

Due to one and a half years of virtual and hybrid learning, Amana Academy has identified the need for additional academic support for their students. These funds allow them to engage two additional academic support personnel who can assist students with any learning losses, especially in math and reading.

Curriculum Support

This gift allows Amana to provide Georgia Coach books to financially challenged families, so that all of their 4th through 8th grade students have their own books. Georgia Coach books help students practice the skills necessary to prepare for state assessments.

Children's Development Academy

Scholarship Funding Support

CDA grants scholarships to ensure their program remains affordable to the families experiencing the greatest need. Families who do not qualify for state funding support are granted scholarships based upon a sliding scale of household income. These funds ensure that 14 deserving families get access to affordable early learning programs and childcare for their preschool children.

Staff Bonuses

The teachers and staff at CDA nurture and educate more than 240 children each year. These funds go toward well-deserved holiday bonuses for their staff.

School T-Shirts

The students, staff, and families of CDA wear T-shirts that promote school pride. The children love their school shirts and proudly wear them to school each day. This gift allows CDA to provide T-shirts for families and staff, as well as five T-shirts to each of their students, making it easier for families to get kids ready for school each day.

Elkins Pointe Middle School

Outdoor Classroom

These funds cover the cost of installing a shade structure for an outdoor classroom for Elkins Pointe students. An outdoor classroom encourages exploration in a structured environment while helping students connect what they learn indoors to what they explore outdoors. It also allows for a variation in teaching forms while providing students more space to spread out.

Sensory Equipment

Elkins Pointe promotes mental wellness for their students by encouraging them to practice mindfulness meditation exercises through the use of various techniques and resources. This in turn helps students manage the stressful demands of life both inside and outside of the classroom. This gift equips school counselors with tools to distribute to students in need.

Foster Care Support Foundation

Operating Expenses

Foster Care Support Foundation (FCSF) serves over 4,500 foster children by providing for their basic care needs. This gift supports the program's operations so that FCSF can continue to serve foster children by alleviating some of the financial burden placed on their caregivers, many of whom live on fixed incomes.

Promotional Video

This gift funds a promotional video update for Foster Care Support Foundation (FCSF), enabling them to tell their story and spread the word about their mission and impact. The video also allows them to educate the public on the needs of foster families in the community to help raise supporting funds for FCSF.


Youth Case Manager

This gift funds a full-time Youth Case Manager position for HomeStretch. The Youth Case Manager supports the mentoring, tutoring, and life skills classes in their Learning Lab classroom for all youth in the program.

Staff Development

HomeStretch would like to invest in their staff by providing staff development and continuing education options. This gift covers one year of opportunities that will increase staff morale, engagement, and productivity, while also promoting employee retention and increasing benefits.

Family Emergency Fund

HomeStretch guides working homeless families toward permanent housing and lasting stability. These funds support their Family Emergency Fund, which provides emergency assistance to their families and to their children in the program who are in crisis or ineligible for financial resources.

Mimosa Elementary School

Outdoor Classroom

This gift enables Mimosa to renovate their current outdoor learning courtyard for use as an extension of their STEM program. They envision a space that all students can use and where parents can support raised beds with fruit and vegetable gardens. The space can also be used by after-school clubs for those interested in STEM and gardening/agriculture.

No Longer Bound

Computer Lab

No Longer Bound’s new Workforce Training Center will include a classroom to be used as a computer lab. The lab can be used by residents for computer training, skills assessment, online learning, and family Zoom calls. This gift funds computers, printers, software, licensing fees, surveillance cameras (for safety), and furniture for outfitting the room.

North Fulton Community Charities

Salesforce Support

NFCC uses data analytics to gauge the organization's overall performance and to assess the impacts and outcomes of its programs and services. This approach relies on various metrics to inform programming decisions, engage and retain donors, and most importantly, to serve our most vulnerable neighbors. This gift provides for an update to their Salesforce CRM software and funds a Salesforce administrator to maximize the software's value.

Technology Costs

Client Choice and Clothing Choice are client-to-services interfaces NFCC uses to allow clients to select the food and clothing items they need instead of having those choices made for them. DocuSign allows for client self-registration and decreases the time burden placed on families during intake processing. These funds underwrite the annual subscription costs for these three critical technology solutions.

Benefits Screener

One of the ways NFCC can help families move toward financial stability is to help them discover ways to increase household income. Through benefits screening, many families discover new service and benefits eligibility that help them save money. This gift covers the salary of an onsite Benefits Screener, increasing client access to these critical resources.



The need for brief and crisis interventions has increased significantly during COVID-19 and Pathways 2 Life staff is at its capacity. These funds cover the salary for a new clinician, who can quadruple the number of students and families they serve, train new peer recovery support coaches, and free up their Executive Director to pursue new funding opportunities and partnerships.

Senior Services North Fulton

Greatest Need

These funds enable Senior Services of North Fulton to continue providing services and support for seniors to enhance their quality of life and independence in the community.

STAR House Foundation

Greatest Need

STAR House provides after-school tutoring and mentoring for at-risk children throughout North Fulton County. These funds enable them to continue enriching the community by promoting academic success and empowering lifelong achievement for children in need.

The Drake House

Operating Expenses

The Drake House is planning to launch two new outreach initiatives—a behavior support program for their youth and an employee-retention program—during a time of inconsistent donation support. This unrestricted gift allows them to maintain operations and the flexibility to apply funding where it is most needed.

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