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Be Rich


What began in 2007 as an initiative to partner with exceptional nonprofits in our communities and around the globe has grown into a movement of extraordinary generosity. Learn about what these organizations are doing because of your generosity.

“Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share.” – 1 Timothy 6:18

A Beacon of Hope

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A Beacon of Hope is a faith-based charitable organization that has two established women’s clinics—one in Fulton County and one in the City of Decatur. Since 1998, they have empowered women and families through pregnancy diagnosis, decision support, and solid health education by providing compassionate medical, emotional, and long-term care that specializes in hope, healing, and recovery.

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Decatur Office Expansion

At Beacon of Hope's clinic in Decatur, clients are waiting two weeks for appointments. This gift enables Beacon of Hope to create additional medical rooms and hire two additional medical staff members.

Gifts and Meals

Volunteers provided baskets of baby items and gifts for new moms, decorated for Christmas, and hosted a gathering for new dads, a party for patients, and provided meals for parents attending classes.

Amana Academy

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Amana Academy, a Fulton County public charter school serving 750 students, is the first K–8 STEM school certified by the Georgia Department of Education. Amana’s mission is to prepare students for high academic achievement beyond what they think is possible so they become active contributors to building a better world. Amana is a Title 1 school, which means they have high percentages of children from low-income families.

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Field Trips for At-Risk Students

As part of their curriculum, Amana has students learn in the classroom and in the field. This gift provides funding for at-risk students to participate in field trips.

Snack Boxes

Many children in our communities face personal circumstances that make it difficult to learn and thrive. Because of your generosity, Amana Academy received 270 boxes filled with snacks for students.

Student Investment

Volunteers assisted at-risk elementary students with reading and math, organized the media center, and sponsored children for Christmas.

Brandywine Elementary School

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Brandywine Elementary School opened in 2016 and serves a diverse population in southern Forsyth County. Approximately one-third of their students live below the poverty level, but Brandywine does not qualify for the supplemental federal funding program.

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Snack Boxes

Many children in our communities face personal circumstances that make it difficult to learn and thrive. Because of your generosity, Brandywine Elementary received 498 boxes filled with snacks for students.

Student Investment

Volunteers assisted children as they shopped for their families, exited vehicles before school in the morning, and helped teachers by running activity centers.

Academic Intervention for At-Risk Students

Due to cuts in funding, programs needed to provide academic intervention for at-risk students are no longer available. This gift provides Brandywine with two academic kits for students that are below their recommended reading levels.

Summer Book Club for At-Risk Students

In order to avoid a drop in literacy over the summer, Brandywine is organizing a summer reading program for their at-risk students. This funding covers the cost of transporting the kids to the public library and the hiring of staff for the program.

Home Hotspots and Field Trip Fees for At-Risk Students

Some students at Brandywine can’t afford to go on field trips and can’t do homework because they don't have Internet access. This gift allows Brandywine to provide hotspots to students in need and pays for students to go on field trips.

Child Development Association

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The Child Development Association (CDA) provides affordable childcare and early learning programs that enable the preschool children of low-income working families in our community to make a great start toward a bright future. The CDA also provides a variety of parent support services, including parenting education, information and referral, counseling, emergency assistance, and a comprehensive nutrition program.

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Six Student Scholarships

The CDA is a vibrant organization that has provided outstanding service to low-income, hard-working families and their young children for more than 45 years. This gift allows six students to receive an excellent education at a highly subsidized rate for one year.

Teacher Retention Initiatives

CDA wants to attract and retain quality educators in today's competitive market. This gift allows them to offer their teachers higher compensation, greater benefits, and professional enrichment classes.

Organizing and Sponsorships

Our volunteers served the CDA through multiple projects including organizing the library, hosting a Santa Shop for parents and children, and providing essential supplies for children.

Elkins Pointe Middle School

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Elkins Pointe Middle School is a public school in Roswell, Georgia, that has over 1,100 students. Fourteen percent of students are limited in English proficiency and 45 percent are classified as economically disadvantaged. Their vision is to empower students for tomorrow's global society through their "Smart, Happy, Connected" mission, where staff seek to prepare their students for college and career readiness.

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Snack Boxes

Many children in our communities face personal circumstances that make it difficult to learn and thrive. Because of your generosity, Elkins Pointe received 174 boxes filled with snacks for students.

Assistance for At-Risk Students and Families

Elkins Pointe Middle School often has requests for help from students in crisis. With this funding, the school can meet requests for medical care and basic needs and cover the cost of field trips for students who cannot afford them.

Esther Jackson Elementary School

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Esther Jackson is a Title 1 school, which means they have high percentages of children from low-income families. Their vision is for all students to learn to their highest potential.

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Snack Boxes

Many children in our communities face personal circumstances that make it difficult to learn and thrive. Because of your generosity, Esther Jackson received 220 boxes filled with snacks for students.

Foster Care Support Foundation

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The Foster Care Support Foundation is a nonprofit, volunteer-driven organization that gives free clothes, toys, and infant equipment to Georgia's foster children. Their mission is to strengthen the ability of foster families to meet the needs of their foster children by implementing a community-based resource and education program that will decrease abuse and neglect in foster care and the need for institutionalized care.

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Operations Assistance

FCSF serves a vital and growing need throughout Georgia by providing free clothing, infant equipment and developmental toys to thousands of children in foster and relative care. This gift supports their core operations.

Thrift Store Help and More

Volunteers received and sorted donations, stocked shelves, and assisted clients and customers with finding the items they needed at FCSF’s distribution center and boutique thrift store.

Fostering Together

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Fostering Together is a ministry that works to mobilize our community to serve the needs of foster children and foster families. By surrounding each foster family with a community of care, the foster parents are able to give more focused love and attention to the children in their homes.

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Event Hosting and Childcare

Volunteers ran check-in, greeted, and directed foster families at the Fostering Together Annual Christmas Brunch. Others provided childcare during the event for the foster children and their siblings.


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HomeStretch gives homeless parents and their children a safe and comfortable place to live while simultaneously helping them address the root causes of their situation and return to a life of self-reliance and stability.

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Mortgage Reduction for Low-Income Housing

HomeStretch was able to purchase an 8-unit apartment building for low-income families. This gift reduces their mortgage payment, allowing them to reallocate funds toward additional programs and funds for these families.

Professional Counseling for Clients

There is a very real mental health crisis that many families experience when dealing with homelessness. This gift allows HomeStretch to offer counseling to 25 families, which will help provide family stability.

Home Preparation and More

Volunteers assisted at the Youth Life Skills Program, delivered and installed Christmas trees, and prepared homes for incoming families by painting, cleaning, and landscaping.

Family Emergency Funds

Families in the HomeStretch program experience unexpected medical, transportation, and childcare costs. With this gift, HomeStretch can alleviate some of the financial pressure by offering families emergency financial assistance.

Lighthouse Family Retreat

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Lighthouse Family Retreat serves children and the families of children suffering from cancer. At a seaside retreat, the children and their families are encouraged to laugh, restore family relationships, and find hope in God. A goal is to provide momentary normalcy in the midst of chaos. Kids are able to just be kids: to play in the sand, laugh in the sun, and enjoy a vacation, as if, for a week, cancer has all but disappeared.

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Retreat Preparation

Families serving Lighthouse Family Retreat prepared retreat supplies, created hope jars, and put together hope boxes for the retreat families. These simple service projects will impact families living through childhood cancer and will be an intentional way to show them Christ's love.

Mimosa Elementary School

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Mimosa Elementary is a Title 1 school, which means they have high percentages of children from low-income families. Their mission is to educate and challenge students to reach their academic potential.

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Snack Boxes

Many children in our communities face personal circumstances that make it difficult to learn and thrive. Because of your generosity, Mimosa Elementary received 198 boxes filled with snacks for students.

No Longer Bound

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For over 20 years, No Longer Bound has been a place of refuge and healing for men suffering from addiction. Their faith-based program brings regeneration to men and restoration for their families, giving them the tools necessary to live their new lives.

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Meals and More

Volunteers provided meals and participated in activities with the men at No Longer Bound who could not go home for Christmas. Others cleaned the distribution center and decorated for Christmas.

Capital Campaign

Demand is exceeding capacity at NLB, and the living spaces are overcrowded, worn, and ill-suited for use. This matching gift allows NLB to create more livable and functional spaces for residents.

North Fulton Community Charities

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North Fulton Community Charities (NFCC) compassionately offers hope and dignity to North Fulton families and individuals in need. Their mission is to build self-sufficiency and prevent homelessness and hunger in the community by providing emergency assistance and enrichment programs. Since 1983, they have been committed to assisting families with rent, utilities, transportation, food, clothing, medicine, and other basic needs.

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Education Center Operating Support

This gift supports the growth of NFCC's Education Center. The center continues to offer valuable support services like access to a computer lab, ESL classes, Microsoft Office™ certification courses, job search assistance, and resume design assistance.

ESL Instructors

NFCC helps alleviate the communication gap that many individuals experience when English is not their primary language. This gift allows NFCC to hire certified TESOL instructors from Kennesaw State to teach classes.

Food Pantry Staff Salary

NFCC introduced client choice in their food pantry in early 2016, which empowers clients to choose what food they would like and gives them dignity. This gift allows NFCC to move their food pantry employee to better manage this new system by moving from part-time to full-time for one year.

Salary for Two Positions for One Year

This gift allows NFCC to hire for two positions that have previously been volunteer-driven, each for one year. The Childcare Specialist provides childcare for parents while they take educational classes, and the Intake Specialist provides administrative assistance in the Enrichment Center.

Assessment Center Feasibility Study

NFCC is a part of the North Fulton Poverty Task Force, and they have identified a major gap in low-income housing. A temporary housing assessment center is needed, and this funding covers the cost of a feasibility study to gauge the community's interest and funding capacity.

Food Drive and Thrift Store Support

Volunteers unloaded and sorted food donations, helped return supplies, broke down food collection tents, and loaded remaining food into trucks. Others worked with NFCC’s thrift store by receiving and sorting donations and stocking and staffing the store.


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Pathways2Life is a prevention and recovery program that is designed to relate and engage disconnected youth and their families. They utilize recovery by teaching, training, and leading churches in establishing Christ centered-support groups.

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Meals for Teens

Volunteers prepared meals for teens in a support group.

Director Salary for One Year

In an effort to reach more students in public and private schools and keep up with the demand for their services, Pathways2Life needs additional staff. With this funding, they will hire a full-time director to manage the expansion of their drug and alcohol prevention program.

Senior Services North Fulton

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Senior Services North Fulton provides programs and services for older adults in North Fulton County. They are the only agency in north metro Atlanta dedicated to serving adults over the age of 60. They offer Meals on Wheels, in-home services, senior health and wellness initiatives, resource and referral services, and transportation to medical appointments and other activities. They operate four senior centers.

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Bingo, Meals, and More

Volunteers hosted Bingo night, provided and delivered meals to seniors, and performed general exterior work on homes.

STAR House Foundation

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STAR House Foundation provides after-school tutoring and mentoring for at-risk children throughout North Fulton County. They currently serve over 250 children through four Roswell school programs and often have a waiting list. Their summer camp bridges the gap for 120 students at the elementary level, focusing on academic retention so students do not lose necessary skills over summer break.

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After-School Assistance

Volunteers assisted elementary students with math, reading, and writing assignments.

The Drake House

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The Drake House is a crisis residential assessment center for homeless single women and children in the North Fulton area. Families are offered immediate housing and programs designed to provide stability for the children and assist the family in working toward housing self-sufficiency.

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Grounds Maintenance

Volunteers cleaned up at both The Drake House and The Drake Closet, cleaning, organizing, and doing landscaping.

The Summit Counseling Center

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The Summit Counseling Center brings hope and healing to their clients by providing spiritually integrated professional counseling, consultation, and education. In addition to their main location in Johns Creek, they have two church-based satellites and provide therapy in six North Fulton high schools.

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On-Site Therapy Program

Summit subsidizes school-based therapy for low-income families that are unable to afford the basic copayment for these services. This gift allows Summit to meet the growing demand for therapy in nearby middle and high schools.

UpStreet Special Needs Respite Care

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North Point provides programming on Sunday morning for children with special needs. As a service to the parents, North Point wants to offer a fun activity for children to attend while the parents have a morning out.

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Parents' Morning Out

Volunteers gave parents of special needs children the opportunity to have a morning out while caring for, loving on, and entertaining all of their children at a special event planned just for them.

Vickery Mill Elementary School

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Vickery Mill Elementary is a Title 1 school, which means they have high percentages of children from low-income families.

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Snack Boxes

Many children in our communities face personal circumstances that make it difficult to learn and thrive. Because of your generosity, Vickery Mill received 198 boxes filled with snacks for students.

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